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The Mystical New Shaolin Team is Set to Challenge the Hero Academy!

Robot Entertainment has announced that a new Shaolin team will be enrolling at the Hero Academy in November. New details offer players a first look at the unique abilities of the combo-focused team. The Shaolin team will be accompanied by the release of new avatars and free Shaolin team-specific challenges.  The Shaolin team also brings with them a free new playing field that will go into automatic rotation for all players. In addition to the deadly new team, a new premium Challenge Collection will be available for 99¢. The Challenge Collection contains 30 challenges that mix and match team units for an exciting twist on Hero Academy’s offline puzzles. The Shaolin team and the new Challenge Collection will be available on Steam and the iOS App Store in November.

The Shaolin Heroic Team Details

From heroic schools in the east comes a balanced team who turns their enemy’s powers against them. The mystical warriors of the Shaolin team have defeated countless enemies in their own land. Now they hope to test their skills at the fabled Hero Academy. The Shaolin’s heroes reduce the strength of their enemies, and can combine their attacks for additional damage.

Team Bonus: Each unique unit that damages an opponent in the same turn deals successively higher damage.


  • Monk – A melee brawler whose attack reduce a single enemy’s maximum health by 25%.
  • Windblade – Her attack chains to additional enemies.
  • Poisoner – Her attack weakens the opponent’s Defense and Resist.
  • Taoist – A Healer who can resurrect, clear debuffs from allies, and remove buffs from enemies.
  • Shadow – Turns the tide of battle by reviving KO’d units into specters to fight on his side. 

Spells and Equipment 

  • Dragon – Cast this spell to summon a dragon that breathes fire along a row, dealing damage to three squares directly in front of the target.
  • Combo Potion – A consumable that heals an ally for 1000 health and makes their next attack worth two combo points.
  • Bamboo – Place a destructible bamboo tile that blocks enemy line of sight.

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