Hybrid Review

Aug 13, 2012

In an ambitious leap for 5th Cell from handhelds and mobile devices to consoles comes a futuristic third-person cover-based shooter. While that perhaps sounds uninteresting or displeasing, the concept of how you actually mobilize yourself from cover to cover and movement in general might surprise you. Equipped with a jetpack, you take cover and can move on that plane and can jump from cover to cover putting yourself in danger of being hit if timed wrong. Surfaces aren’t always normal orientation, sometimes you’ll take cover on walls sideways or on the ceiling being upside down.

E3 2012: Hybrid

Jun 10, 2012

5th Cell’s latest game is a third person team shooter with cover based mechanics. There’s a twist though, you don’t have free movement. You pick cover to jump to and can move anytime you want. Since you’re wearing a jet pack to jump cover to cover you can press in the left stick to essentially sprint and get you to cover faster. You can use the left stick as you’re moving to new cover to raise your lower yourself. Raising yourself puts you in danger of dying or a chance to finish off the enemy before you land. You can even choose new cover as you’re moving to the old cover.

Hybrid is an online multiplayer game, there’s no singleplayer here. That’s not to say there’s a lack of story, there’s two warring factions in this post-apocalyptic world, the Variants vs the Paladins. It has the typical controls of left trigger to aim and right to shoot. There’s upgrades, ranks, load outs and a ton of fun here – 5th Cell knows how to make a game. I only saw one mode in my time with the game, where you capture and control points from the enemy. But I’m told there’s up to 10 maps and modes when the game releases. Oh and it’s worth noting we were playing against the Devs and in my demo I had the most kills and won the round.

Hybrid will be part of the Summer of Arcade on XBLA.