Sins of a Dark Age is on Steam Early Access for $5

Mar 15, 2014

Ironclad has been developing Sins of a Dark Age for some time now. Sins of a Dark Age is Ironclad Games’ medieval fantasy, set in an alternate universe to Sins of a Solar Empire, focusing on MOBA-style combat and leveling.

Ironclad wants you to become a Founder, Unveils Realm Quests in Sins of a Dark Age

Jan 08, 2013

Ironclad Games, creators of the award-winning strategy hybrid Sins of a Solar Empire, revealed the dynamic objective system of Realm Quests in its next genre-blending gem, Sins of a Dark Age.  Furthermore, fans who participate in the Founder Editions gain instant access to the early Closed Beta, receive exclusive game content and join an elite group of players whose feedback will help influence the final game design. Join the battle at and purchase a Founder Edition package starting at $25.

Sins of a Dark Age continues to shake up the MOBA genre with game-changing Realm Quests, a powerful system that encapsulates the opportunities, risks and rewards of a living world by offering a wealth of new experiences and strategic choices. This pioneering system fuses RPG-like quests and their resultant opportunities into the intense framework of a competitive MOBA game. Imagine dealing with the threat of plague-infested vermin, welcoming the arrival of timely reinforcements, escorting a merchant convoy, racing to gain favor of a powerful ally or even working cooperatively with your enemy against a deadly common threat. Your team’s ability to plan, strategize and adapt to a world alive with ever-changing opportunities is just as important as your ability to counter the enemy heroes and their hordes of minions.

With stunning visuals and development plans for competitive and cooperative experiences, leaderboards, replays, spectating and plenty of post-release content in the form of Heroes, Realm Quests, Maps and Skins; Sins of a Dark Age is the next evolution of MOBA.

Get in the game as a Founder and contribute your voice to an elite community while gaining access to exclusive content via three value-packed options:

Rare Founder Tier ($25)

  • Instant closed beta access
  • Bonus premium currency: 1,500 Crowns
  • Exclusive Rare badge
  • 3 Heroes
  • 1 Exclusive Hero skin
  • 1 Exclusive player icon

Epic Founder Tier ($55)

  • Instant closed beta access
  • Bonus premium currency: 4,000 Crowns
  • Exclusive Epic badge
  • 8 Heroes
  • 2 Exclusive Hero skins
  • 2 Exclusive player icons

Legendary Founder Tier ($125)

  • Instant closed beta access
  • Bonus premium currency: 10,000 Crowns
  • Exclusive Legendary badge
  • 18 Heroes
  • 4 Exclusive Hero skins
  • 4 Exclusive player icons
  • Exclusive digital game soundtrack
  • Exclusive digital Founder’s art book
  • Exclusive digital unique illustration

Sins of a Dark Age – First Hero Reveal “Knight”

Jul 23, 2012

Descending from a long line of Knights in the Imperial Captial of Calan, Vallamere earned his knightship in the defense of the northwestern front from early Horen raids. An ambitious squire in his uncle’s regiment, he left home as a promising upstart and returned as a man…and a legend. Though certainly a capable soldier on the battlefield, Vallamere’s true strength lies in his ability to inspire those around him to overcome the enemy with a unified might and an unshakable morale. Fighting with honor, sometimes to a fault, allies gladly follow his lead and enemies always respect him. Immensely protective of his homeland and its traditions, Vallamere is an incorruptible local hero and is emulated by children all across the empire….

Ironclad Games, the developers behind the upcoming MOBA-RTS hybrid, Sins of a Dark Age ( today revealed the first of many Hero character details to come. The knight Vallamere and his unique story are accompanied by a character render and video of Vallamere in action.