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Primal Carnage getting Free DLC with New Modes, Maps, and Classes

Nov 14, 2012

Recently, I reviewed Primal Carnage and enjoyed the fantastic combat, gorgeous graphics, and awesome concept of human vs dinosaurs. What I didn’t like were the lack of maps, modes, and a few other issues. Lukewarm Media heard mine and other complaints and have just about fixed them. Read on with what they have to say:

While tens of thousands of gamers around the world are already enjoying the Human vs. Dinosaur frag-fest known as Primal Carnage, the cry for more content has not gone unnoticed. Answering the call, Reverb Publishing and Lukewarm Media are pleased to announce that Primal Carnage will be getting a slew of new content, the first of which is an all-new objective-based mode code named “Get to the Chopper” and a brand-new mode specific map. The first of many planned game updates, this 100 percent FREE content will introduce new modes and maps when it rears its head later this month.

In addition to all planned free game updates, Primal Carnage will periodically be releasing alternative character skin packs. The first will also arrive later this month in the form of five new skins, one for each of the playable Dinosaur classes.

“Our goal with Primal Carnage was to make the best dinosaur video game to date, and according to the reviews, we’ve done just that – but we are FAR from done,” said Ashton Anderson, lead designer and founder of Lukewarm Media. “Gamers are hungry for more content and today we reveal not only these character skin updates, but also ‘Get to the Chopper’, the first of several additional game modes that will be offered absolutely free to our players. Primal Carnage and its community are looking forward to solidifying our foothold as a stellar multiplayer experience unlike anything else on the market.”

Get to the Chopper” will be the first mode added to Primal Carnage, the premise of which is deceptively simple. The Human team must work together to make its way along a linear path to the chopper waiting for them at the other end. However, this is Primal Carnage so as always there is one rather large obstacle – Dinosaurs. The Dinosaur team must also work together to pick off the Human team one by one and prevent it from reaching the chopper extraction point. Who will emerge victorious in the tug of war between man and beast?

[box_light]Primal Carnage is available now at Primal, Steam, GameStop, GamersGate, and Rain DG and is the highest-reviewed dinosaur title of all time. Dinosaurs take center stage in this class-based, online multiplayer shooter featuring fast-paced combat between a team of humans brave enough to stand toe-to-toe with hordes of some of the most vicious beasts ever to walk the face of the earth. Players can choose to take on both sides of the battle as either the Human class utilizing an arsenal of distinct and unique weaponry or inhabit the body of one of these menacing and powerful Dinosaurs intent on leaving a trail of blood and destruction in their wake.[/box_light]

Primal Carnage Review

Nov 01, 2012

– By: Scott Ellison II

Primal Carnage is a unique multiplayer experience that pits Humans vs Dinosaurs in a to-the-death battle for supremacy. Is the game’s roar as big as it’s bite?

It’s incredibly easy to think of Jurassic Park when playing Primal Carnage. The locations lend themselves to look like you’re on Isla Sorna or Isla Nublar with the dense jungle areas and inserted bases and airstrips. There’s a night-time map where it’s thunderstorming so visibility is naturally low. At launch, there was only a handful of levels, which is mildly disappointing. And each one is barely different from the next, other than variations in lighting, weather, time of day, and arrangement of trees. The environments are absolutely awesome, the Unreal Engine 3 excels here with no texture pop-in, but provide wonderful visuals and immersive atmosphere.

The gameplay is what you come to Primal Carnage for, the Human vs Dinosaur aspect. There’s no story to how or why we are at odds with the dinosaurs, but it doesn’t really matter either. Playing as the Humans you’re in the first person perspective. The dinosaurs play from the third person perspective and have horrific roars you can unleash that enhance your powers. Another nod to Jurassic Park has it where throwing a flare not necessarily distracts a dinosaur, but can blind it. It’s really clever and is really the one advantage humans have over the dinosaurs to give them a fighting chance. Each side feels vulernable, so there’s a sense of tension and danger as either human or dinosaur can go down rather quickly.

Each side has five classes to choose from. Humans range in firepower, whereas Dinosaurs range in mobility. There are many ways to exterminate dinosaurs; with shotguns, machine guns, sniper rifles, or tranquilizer darts which will cause them to stumble and have altered vision. The dinosaurs aren’t varied much except for the speed of the short-armed variety. Using the T-Rex is like driving a tank, but is immensely powerful and “King of the Dinosaurs”. The Pterodon is the only dinosaur that can fly in the group, and is the most difficult to use as a result. There’s a small learning curve for each class and will only take about 30 minutes per class to get the hang of it.

If you haven’t gathered by now, the game is multiplayer only – and that’s okay. I have a few gripes with the multiplayer that shouldn’t have faults given the game’s focus; the Quick Matching works fine and gets you in quickly but sometimes you’ll drop in as matches are ending, giving you no winning chance. With no persistent stat tracking, it’s hardly an issue as you don’t need to worry about your “precious K/D ratio”. It’s sad to see some words misspelled, no way to filter by ping, or objective type (there’s only one). Deathmatch is perfectly fine, but I was left wanting more modes to play on these maps.

Primal Carnage isn’t bad, just lacking modes and other features you’d expect out of a multiplayer game. Shutting the game down hints at new free stuff like content, maps, game mode, etc. That’s all well and good, but it gives off a whiff of an unfinished game. It’s incredibly fun no matter what side you play and there’s no denying how well-balanced the game’s classes are for each side. The humans and dinosaurs may have dramatically different numbers of health points, but both are equally squishy with the weapons at their disposal. The promise of free updates might warrant this purchase, just not at full price.

Retails for: $14.99, Recommended Purchase Price: $8.99

A code for the game was provided by PR for review purposes

Primal Carnage is Releasing on October 29th

Oct 24, 2012

The thunderous rumbling of prehistoric beasts is upon us – Reverb Publishing and Lukewarm Media are pleased to announce that Primal Carnage will be shipping to PCs everywhere on Monday, October 29th. Gaming journalists and lucky beta participants have been enraptured with the vicious and quick-paced combat found in Primal Carnage, and in less than a week gamers everywhere will be able to take on each other in a class-based multiplayer experience 65 million years in the making.

Primal Carnage can be pre-ordered now at the Primal Carnage websiteSteamGameStopGamersGate, and Rain. When players pre-order they will have instant access to the beta as well as receiving an exclusive in-game feathered raptor skin to be made available when the game launches. More information on the beta can be found here.

Primal Carnage is the dinosaur title for which the world has been waiting. Dinosaurs take center stage in this class-based online multiplayer shooter featuring fast-paced combat between a team of humans brave enough to stand toe-to-toe with hordes of some of the most vicious animals ever to walk the face of the earth. Players can choose to take on both sides of the battle as either the human classes utilizing an arsenal of distinct and unique weaponry or inhabit the body of one of these menacing and powerful dinosaurs intent on leaving a trail of blood and destruction in their wake.

Primal Carnage key features include:

  • Rendered in stunning beauty using the Unreal Engine, players will wage war between man and beast in five large, open and varied environments
  • 10 playable classes (five Human, five Dinosaur), each with unique skills and abilities
  • Play from both first-person (Human) and third-person (Dinosaur) perspectives providing a contrasting gameplay experience for both teams
  • Multiple achievements and an extensive DLC roadmap

Primal Carnage Now Taking Pre-Orders

Aug 31, 2012

Lukewarm Media and Reverb Publishing’s upcoming dinos-vs.-humans deathmatch, Primal Carnage, is available now for preorder at the official website ( For $14.99, gamers will get a Steam key that will grant them early access to Primal Carnage in the closed beta, as well as an exclusive feathered raptor skin when the game launches later this year. Get in early and experience class-based online combat unlike anything else on the market and the best dinosaur game to date.

Not since 1993’s Jurassic Park has the terror of a dinosaur onslaught felt so real and thrilling. With Primal Carnage, players hunt AND are hunted, and must choose between defending themselves against a slew of deadly prehistoric creatures with an arsenal of today’s weapons, or decimating humans into piles of sinew as vicious carnivores of all sizes and variety. With five unique human classes and five unique dinosaurs, Primal Carnage is a dynamic, enthralling experience. Rendered in high-fidelity using the Unreal Engine, this is one of the greatest looking digital games to date.

Primal Carnage shows off the Raptor and Trapper Classes

Aug 24, 2012

There are those who say that the velociraptor was the greatest predator ever to walk the Earth…What better way to find out than to take control of one and rip apart hordes of terrified humans one after another? Lukewarm Media gives gamers a taste of what mayhem lies ahead in its upcoming human vs. dinosaur multiplayer shooter Primal Carnage with the second character showcase trailer – this one focusing on the Raptor dinosaur class and the Trapper human class.



Primal Carnage shows off Alpha in motion and stills

May 08, 2012

A predator’s thirst for prey cannot be satiated by anything other than a perfect kill, and soon players will be wielding the blood-parched, unrelenting force of history’s greatest generation of hunters – the dinosaurs.  Delivered with immense pride by developer Lukewarm Media and publisher Reverb Publishing, Primal Carnage sets players in a man versus pre-historic beast online deathmatch as savvy survivalists collide with foes of brute force, allowing players to choose a side. A new video of alpha footage showcasing the FPS/third-person blend has been unveiled, and it packs a ton of primitive fury and human finesse.