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Primal Carnage shows off Alpha in motion and stills


A predator’s thirst for prey cannot be satiated by anything other than a perfect kill, and soon players will be wielding the blood-parched, unrelenting force of history’s greatest generation of hunters – the dinosaurs.  Delivered with immense pride by developer Lukewarm Media and publisher Reverb Publishing, Primal Carnage sets players in a man versus pre-historic beast online deathmatch as savvy survivalists collide with foes of brute force, allowing players to choose a side. A new video of alpha footage showcasing the FPS/third-person blend has been unveiled, and it packs a ton of primitive fury and human finesse.


The new alpha footage joins ranks with gameplay videos that have gotten hundreds of thousands of views (like this one here). The all-alpha, all-gameplay capture sheds brilliant light for the few gamers who’ve yet to see Primal Carnage awesomeness strewn about the Web. Many gamers also got to get their lucky paws on the game at the recent PAX East show in Boston – those that got their hands on it had an instantaneous attraction to the sinew and flesh fest.

Make sure to keep an eye out, because there will be a slew of news coming soon, as well as information about the soon-to-be-launched and highly anticipated beta.