Need for Speed Most Wanted has Kinect Functionality

Oct 19, 2012

Start some trouble… today Microsoft and Electronic Arts unveiled a trailer detailing Kinect for Xbox 360 voice integration in “Need for Speed Most Wanted,” the latest in the blisteringly fast “Need for Speed” racing franchise.  Kinect for Xbox 360 voice functionality will be incorporated into the single player experience as follows:

Need For Speed: Most Wanted – Multiplayer Trailer

Aug 14, 2012

This isn’t the first time I’ve seen the Multiplayer in action, my E3 2012 Preview covers the craziness and quick-transitioning events that occur.

Witness Need For Speed like you’ve never seen it before in fast and fun 12-person multiplayer action. Jump into the open world of Fairhaven City and prove your driving skills against your friends. Drive a huge variety of cars and compete in a series of action-packed challenges. Race, Drift, Jump and Takedown your friends in a battle to become Most Wanted.


E3 2012: Need For Speed Most Wanted (2012)

Jun 08, 2012

I only played the multiplayer of the game, and it feels a lot like Burnout Paradise’s online modes with the Activities. People meet up and you do jump challenges, speed traps, races, team races, and specific tasks. I’ll play or see the single player tomorrow to see what the story is. But the demos were all on PCs. The game is very urban, compared to Hot Pursuit’s vast and open backgrounds all outside of cities.