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DUSK Review

Dec 10, 2018

From the mind of developer David Szymanski and publisher New Blood Interactive, comes the full release of DUSK after two years in Steam Early Access. DUSK‘s release date is shared with DOOM as it celebrates its 25th Anniversary, which is no coincidence. DUSK‘s unsettling atmosphere, familiar surroundings, and occult phenomena are the recipe of what makes a great game. We are in a retro first-person shooter renaissance, and it begins with DUSK.

Super Galaxy Squadron Review

Jan 27, 2015

At first glance, you think you know all there is to know about Super Galaxy Squadron. An array of playable ships, vertical shoot’em up, and 16-bit era graphics. And you’re mostly right, but that’s not quite all there is to it, even if the rest isn’t all that much to begin with.