Boo Bunny Plague is out on Steam, features a singing robotic toy bunny who uses guitars as weapons

Sep 04, 2014

Players can now fight the ultimate villain of the known universe in the outlandish musical melee Boo Bunny Plague,the latest genre-bending title from On The Level Game Studios. Boo Bunny Plague is now available on PC for $4.99 on Steam:

Boo Bunny Plague set for September 4th launch, will be at PAX Prime

Aug 06, 2014

Get ready to fight the ultimate villain of the known universe as a guitar-wielding robotic bunny! On The Level Game Studios, the creators of 2013’s survival horror golf game Curse of the Nordic Cove, are on the cusp of releasing their next genre-bending title, Boo Bunny Plague. Boo Bunny Plague will be available on Steam for PC and Mac on September 4 through a standard edition for $4.99 USD, or a collector’s edition for $5.99 USD that includes a digital comic book and soundtrack.