Emergency 2014 saves the day with the Meteor Rescue Mission Pack

Oct 03, 2013

Saving lives is the main principle of the Emergency game series. Quadriga Games and Deep Silver are today announcing Emergency 2014, a new mission pack for the Emergency rescue simulation series introducing all-new content that centers on deadly meteor strikes.

The asteroid “Caligula” is on a collision course with Earth. Even before the actual impact, meteorites traveling alongside it strike the blue planet. One of these even knocks down the Leaning Tower of Pisa. In three missions, the player’s goal is to regain control of the disaster areas by deploying relief forces. The new fire-fighting helicopter is particularly useful to that end.

For the first time, the pack features a bonus mission for a fire department from days gone by: Caligula comes close to Earth in 1890 and destroys a farmstead in the Rhine Province of the German Empire. The player must deploy a horse-drawn fire engine and historical firefighters in order to prevent the blaze from spreading to the nearest town.

For owners of the previous titles, Emergency 2014 will also be made available as a reasonably-priced upgrade package that can be downloaded from digital distribution platforms (main game Emergency 2012, 2012 Deluxe, or Emergency 2013 required).

Sixteen Tons Entertainment and Deep Silver are also working on even more hot missions for fans of strategic rescue games: Emergency 5 from the popular Emergency series is currently in development and will be released in 2014.

“Modding will again be a central feature of Emergency 5, because I know how much our fans love to design their own units and missions. We have already had the Emergency theme re-recorded completely by the Brandenburg State Orchestra for this installment. The piece was well-received at our 20th anniversary celebration in August, where we presented it to our friends from press and community circles,” says Ralph Stock, inventor of the series and Managing Director of the developing studio Sixteen Tons Entertainment.

Emergency 2013 – Coming out This Friday and Look at the New Screenshots

Nov 07, 2012

I’m not even gonna try to re-write this, I’m just gonna copy and paste Aubrey Norris’ email word for word:

So first I’m going to start off with the Emergency 2013 screens, because this is basically the greatest stuff ever.

As you know, Emergency 2013 is a PC rescue strategy game where you get to use strategery and heroic bravado to save Europe which basically gets nearly destroyed over and over again.  It’s like if Ben Stein and the Bruce Willis character from the 1998 classic film Armageddon mated and had a spawn of some kind.  Anyway, check out these screenshots because this is really some end of days shit here.

Developed by Quadriga Gams, Emergency 2013 is coming out this Friday on PC download platforms!  It will be available for a $29.99 bundle with the original Emergency 2012 or a $9.99 mission pack (Emergency 2012 required to play).  GET ON IT


Emergency 2013, Looks Pretty Damn Cool

Oct 15, 2012

Don’t be confused by the screenshot titles. Emergency 2013 is actually Emergency 2012 + TONS OF STUFF. It’s a worst case scenario strategy game on PC from Quadriga Games. This game will answer apocalyptic scenarios like: What if a volcano erupted in Sweden?

Official Press Release:

Sixteen Tons Entertainment and Deep Silver are currently working on hot missions for fans of rescue strategy games – with Emergency 2013, a new installment to the Emergency series, is currently in the works. 

Emergency 2013 offers owners of Emergency 2012 a campaign with four new missions: A large volcano is about to erupt – all over Europe, magma currents must be diverted. The rescue workers need to deal with forest fires, eruptions, toxic gases, and outraged citizens in order to save everyone from disaster. 

Emergency 2013 will be released as a downloadable campaign pack via digital distribution platforms (main game required), and as an edition complete with the new campaign and the contents of Emergency 2012 Deluxe. Deep Silver and Quadriga Games will release Emergency 2013 for Windows PC on November 9, 2012. For more information, visit http://e2012.deepsilver.com.

Box Art: