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Emergency 2013 – Coming out This Friday and Look at the New Screenshots

I’m not even gonna try to re-write this, I’m just gonna copy and paste Aubrey Norris’ email word for word:

So first I’m going to start off with the Emergency 2013 screens, because this is basically the greatest stuff ever.

As you know, Emergency 2013 is a PC rescue strategy game where you get to use strategery and heroic bravado to save Europe which basically gets nearly destroyed over and over again.  It’s like if Ben Stein and the Bruce Willis character from the 1998 classic film Armageddon mated and had a spawn of some kind.  Anyway, check out these screenshots because this is really some end of days shit here.

Developed by Quadriga Gams, Emergency 2013 is coming out this Friday on PC download platforms!  It will be available for a $29.99 bundle with the original Emergency 2012 or a $9.99 mission pack (Emergency 2012 required to play).  GET ON IT