Homeworld Remastered Collection Review

Mar 06, 2015

Truth be told: I’ve never played Homeworld or Homeworld 2 before this review. Though I have played Relic’s games that have come after Homeworld, like the Company of Heroes series to the Dawn of War series. I had always heard great things about the Homeworld series, but there wasn’t any easy way to play them. Thanks to Gearbox Software acquiring the IP in 2013, that is no longer an issue. Now having played Homeworld and Homeworld 2, I’ve never played RTS’ so beautiful or well-crafted from 1999 and 2003, respectfully.

Relic has migrated Dawn Of War II series off of GFWL over to Steam

Sep 09, 2014

After months of running an Open Beta on Steam, Relic has finished migrating all multiplayer and achievements from Games For Windows Live for Dawn of War II and Dawn Of War II: Chaos Rising to Steam. It is worth noting Dawn of War II: Retribution already launched using Steamworks in 2011, sans GFWL.