POSTAL: Brain Damaged Review

Jun 10, 2022

It’s weird that in 2022 two different POSTAL games released, and the spin-off is quite good. POSTAL: Brain Damaged is a game that goes for the gameplay loop of DOOM Eternal while visually becoming a retro shooter that’s become all the rage. POSTAL: Brain Damaged has a bit of an identity crisis as the developers opted for more arena-based combat and stage progression, where the levels are still massive in size which means that there’s too much downtime between the action and the exploring is often empty. That said, the good definitely outweighs the not-so-good. POSTAL: Brain Damaged is a fever dream of ideas and execution that’s quintessentially POSTAL.

Postal 2 DLC “Paradise Lost” is out today, 12 years after original game release

Apr 17, 2015

Running With Scissors is thrilled to announce the launch of “POSTAL 2: Paradise Lost” via Steam.