Sacred 3 Review

Aug 12, 2014

The Sacred series is likely not a household name when compared to the likes of Diablo. It filled a very specific void in the hearts of those who appreciated a deep action RPG. There is no such void now, and the original series’ developers are no more. So when Deep Silver went to resurrect this dormant series, it was going to be interesting as to what the result would be. While a much different game, Sacred 3 is fine in its own right, is not the Sacred you remember or even want.

Sacred 3 launches today

Aug 05, 2014


New Screenshots for Sacred 3 drop before August 5th release

Aug 01, 2014

In anticipation of the upcoming August 5th launch of Sacred 3, Deep Silver today released a batch of five new screens for the arcade hack ‘n’ slash title, best played with a friend. Look for a new trailer on Tuesday when the game launches on Xbox 360, PlayStation®3 as well as Windows PC. 

Sacred 3 officially announced by Deep Silver

Aug 31, 2012

Deep Silver today revealed the first details about the upcoming Action RPG Sacred 3, the next installment in the popular series set in the rich and detailed world of Sacred.

They say that whoever possesses the Heart of Ancaria will decide the fate of the world. Zane Ashen, ruler of the corrupt Ashen Empire, will do everything in his power to obtain the Heart; however, the Seraphim have hidden it away in a secure and secret place. Only when a group of heroes combine their powers to oppose Zane Ashen’s reign of terror does the world have a chance of escaping utter destruction.

Up to four players can join the battle against the Ashen Empire in a unique and engaging co-op mode in which they will not only fight against the Imperial aggressors but also compete between each other in friendly rivalry. Are they as skilled as their friends in the use of their character’s talents? Can they surpass their companions’ accomplishments in battle?

Players can choose between several character classes – the Safiri Warrior and Ancarian Lancer being just two of these options. Each of these classes offers a specific skill set – players must choose their Combat Arts, perks and equipment wisely in order to stand a chance against the Ashen Empire.

 The epic fight against Zane is set in a colorful and varied game world with rich mythology and diverse regions and climates. Many of the environments will be familiar from previous Sacred games, such as Castle Braverock, which now lies in ruins. Impressive bosses await the heroes along their journey – and fabled treasures, honor and experience are the reward for overcoming them!

Sacred 3 is an addictive action experience with accessible yet sophisticated gameplay.

Sacred 3 is in development at keen games and will be published for the PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system, the Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft and Windows PC. It is planned for release in 2013.

The prelude to the story told in Sacred 3 can be experienced in the side scrolling action brawler Sacred Citadel, developed by Southend Interactive, that will also be available in 2013 for PlayStation®Network, Xbox LIVE® Arcade, Steam and through other digital partners.

Sacred Citadel announced, side-scrolling brawler in Sacred Universe

Aug 07, 2012

Three warriors unite against an evil that threatens to enslave the once peaceful world of Ancaria. Lord Zane’s Ashen Empire has created an army of Grimmocs, modified Orc henchmen at war with the Seraphim. Only when these heroes unite and use their skills to support each other they will stand a chance!

Deep Silver today announced the side-scrolling action brawler Sacred Citadel, a new standalone title that is set in the rich universe of Sacred. Sacred Citadel will reinvent the familiar arcade feel of classic brawlers while setting a new standard for the future of side scrolling hack and slash games.