Euro Truck Simulator 2: Italia – First Screenshots

Aug 11, 2017

As previously announced by SCS Software, the first screenshots that have been released are utterly gorgeous and breathtaking.

Free ‘Arizona’ expansion for American Truck Simulator comes today

Jun 06, 2016

SCS Software proudly informs that Arizona map expansion for American Truck Simulator is released. This latest large expansion is in form of free DLC for all players who owns original game.

American Truck Simulator Review

Feb 02, 2016

Big rigs, CB radios, that song “Convoy”, and diesel – all what comes to mind when you think of trucking in the United States. SCS Software is back with American Truck Simulator, a companion to Euro Truck Simulator 2 whereby you drive trucks, manage your own company, and make deliveries to various real-world cities. The result is something that might reel in Americans to actually play this over the developer’s previous games, simply by title alone.