Developer Broken Rules states that their PayPal account was hacked

Nov 19, 2013

This morning, the developer released a statement about a recent incursion into their PayPal account.

Secrets of Rætikon launches as Open Alpha, up on Indiegogo

Oct 24, 2013

Broken Rules has just kicked off their crowdfunding campaign for Secrets of Rætikon on Indiegogo. It is a flexible funding campaign. Backers receive a copy of the alpha version of the game while the campaign is active. The game runs on Windows and Mac. A Linux version is due later this year.

Secrets of Rætikon is an aerial exploration game set in the Alps. Players play a member of the mythical bird people, a tribe of humans that can fly. A rich backstory about the epic struggle between nature and civilization provides the backdrop for an explorative action-adventure. The game started out when Felix had a dream about flying – we want players to be able to live that dream.

The alpha contains the complete game. They’re still working on the game, so parts of the later levels are not finalized. Also, they’re holding back the ending of the game. All players receive the level editor with the game that they are using ourselves. You can edit existing levels or add new ones or build a wholly different game with it. Or you can just play around with our physics engine.

If you wish to contribute, go here: