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Developer Broken Rules states that their PayPal account was hacked

This morning, the developer released a statement about a recent incursion into their PayPal account.

This is what they had to say:

Yesterday, our PayPal account has been hacked. This happened while the crowdfunding campaign for Secrets of Rætikon is running. From what we know by now we guess that someone cracked our PayPal password. We are still figuring out the details but it looks like someone ordered at least three PS4 consoles. We have set the appropriate steps to cancel all payments. Now all we can do is wait.

We have delivered three alpha builds since the crowdfunding campaign of Secrets of Rætikon has started and we will continue to work on the game no matter how this incident turns out. Also, it is perfectly safe to keep supporting the game on Indiegogo since we have regained full control over the account by now. It’s a blowback and an unnecessary hassle but we will not give up!

All user data is safe and this incident is very isolated to our company PayPal account.

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PS: This does in fact feel like someone breaking into your house. It teaches us to use different passwords for different services from now on and so it should teach you and your readers.