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Tiny Toots Review

Feb 17, 2012

– Scott Ellison

Our Score: 4 / 5 – Awesome

What?! The idea of a sliding, farting dinosaur doesn’t excite you? It should, as it justifies the game’s boost mechanic that doesn’t involve a jetpack for once. You see, in Tiny Toots you are a dinosaur who farts and eats peppers to build up a boost to help propel him further.

Controls are simple, featuring a slide from bottom to up to gain the maximum height of using the hills to your advantage to gain maximum height and it soon becomes rhythmic to go up and down in a smooth motion so the dinosaur doesn’t lose momentum. Should you lose said momentum, police and a mad doctor in a helicopter come after you and stop you in your dino tracks. From there you start at the beginning, but now you’re being chased by your ghost and gives you an indication as to how you’re doing and whether you’ll get caught or not.

The sounds of the farting are subtle, yet hilarious and the music doesn’t get monotonous – but of course, as with all games you can adjust the volume levels to your desire. This is a solid outing from Tradewest Digital and I will continue to play the game for OpenFeint achievements and to beat not only my score, but friends scores who appear in the game.

This is an easy recommend for adults and children alike. My 5-year old daughter laughs at each fart noise and just enjoys the easy and fast gameplay across colorful landscapes. She was able to grasp the concept quickly and urged to play my phone as much as possible. For $1, you can’t go wrong with Tiny Toots.

Retails for: $0.99, recommended purchase price: $0.99

An iOS code for the game was provided by PR for Review purposes

Tiny Toots now out for iOS

Feb 16, 2012

Tradewest Digital Ltd. is proud to toot its own horn as Tiny Toots, its long-awaited slide-and-fly game for iOS, arrives in the App Store today. Tiny Toots brings a bean-loving dinosaur named Houston to a land full of rolling hills and tasty legumes with an evil doctor on his tail and a rumble in his belly.

Tiny Toots backs the lovable dino with awesome physics and super-easy accessible and fast-paced gameplay that shoots Houston across lots of colorful worlds of farts and doctor-avoiding action.

In addition to ample quantities of fart-powered excitement, players will enjoy the challenge of trying to win four different cups–stone, bronze, silver, and gold–for accomplishing the wide varietyof exciting in-game achievements.

Players can also race against themselves in Ghost Mode, party their way to high scores in the exciting and score-multiplying Disco Mode, soar high into the sky with the fart-boosting double jump, deal with changing weather conditions across the maps, and much more.

And there’s more: The developer is currently preparing a series of exciting updates for Tiny Toots. Stay tuned!

Tiny Toots is now available in the App Store for $0.99. You can find it here:

What is Tiny Toots?

Tiny Toots  is the slide & fly game of 2012. Help Houston, a little dino with ‘digestive problems’, fill his stomach with yummy beans and to run away from Dr. Beanstalk, who is chasing him relentlessly in his rescue helicopter to bring him back to the dino farm.


★ SUPER-ADDICTIVE: Intuitive and fascinating one button action game which will make you want to play for hours and hours

★ EYE-CANDY: Tiny Toots is features mind-boggling retina graphics
★ GHOST MODE: Race against yourself!

★ DOUBLE JUMP: Have the competitive advantage with the all handy ‘whoopee cushion’ special boost

★ CHILL OUT: Enjoy fantastic, colorful islands with cool weather effects

★ PARTY ON: Get your groove on in disco mode

★ WIN 4 great trophies – each for extra point multipliers

★ FREQUENT FARTER PROGRAM: Lots of challenging achievements in OpenFeint

Tiny Toots – A High-Flying Farting Dinosaur Adventure coming to iOS

Nov 09, 2011

Tradewest Digital Ltd. (developers of TXT Fighter) finally spilled the beans on Tiny Toots, its upcoming slide-and-fly game for iOS. Scheduled for release in late November, Tiny Toots brings together prehistoric farts, dinosaurs, doctors, legumes, and rolling hills in a classic tale of “dino meets beans, dino loves beans, dino toots a lot.”

Tiny Toots features Houston, a lovable little dinosaur with an insatiable appetite for beans. But while he loves those little bundles of goodness, his stomach does not, and the results can be flammable. Players help Houston get his fill of beans as the magical fruit propels him onwards and upwards through an assortment of whimsical landscapes, pursued by his bean and fart-hating doctor.

Players can also experience the never-before-seen prehistoric fart boost, Ghost Mode, Disco Mode, changing weather conditions, unlockable trophies, achievements, and much more.

Check out the debut trailer for “Tiny Toots” on YouTube, and follow Tradewest Digital on Twitter for more information. “Tiny Toots” will be released to the iTunes App Store later in November.