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PSP2, can it be true?

Rumor has it that Sony will be unvieling the much talked about PSP2 this thursday, 1/27/2011, and if true, the world will finally get to see what type of mini monster Sony has hiding. The web has been a buzz with tidbits like PS3 caliber graphics, dual sticks, PSP-Go style slider, and some form of touch control.   Thanks to Japanese newspaper Nikkei, come more details surrounding Sony’s newest edition to the handheld market. Nikkei reports that an OLED screen will make its way onto the device along with 3G for gaming, not phone use.  No word on any fees or a wi-fi only model but be sure that if true, the handheld market just got a little more brutal.

Source: Nikkei / Engadget

I wasn’t all that impressed by the first PSP myself.  It was pretty big, expensive, and honestly I’m not looking for console quality graphics in a handheld.  What I am looking for are good quality games that can be played in small segments or longer playtimes.  Thats why I seem to gravitate towards the DS more myself, but I’m hopeful for some good games coming out of the PSP2 and heres what I would want from the device:

  1. Downloadable titles (Minis if that’s what they want to call them) ranging from free to $5 with .99 being the average price.  The quality of the titles should be as good, if not better, than the top shelf iTunes App store games.  Make it open to indie developers but have a “Nintendo seal of quality” type submission board or something so it doesn’t get overloaded by crap.
  2. How about being able to play your PSN games on your PSP2?
  3. Stream your PS3 games onto the device to be played while not hogging up the TV
  4. and go backwards, stream the video of your PSP2 game to TVs so you can use your PSP as a controller.
  5. Updates that download in the background so we can Multi-task.

What are you looking for in a PSP2?