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Mar 21, 2011

Swarmite Sensitivity Training

Austin, Texas-March 21, 2011– UTV Ignition Entertainment, alongside Hothead Games released today an all-new video for their highly anticipated title, Swarm.  Swarm is the first game of its kind, developed with a unique character control where players direct a pack of 50 hapless blue buffoons towards death while trying to reach the end of each level.  The game is rated T for Teen by the ESRB.

Swarm gives players control of 50 utterly fearless Swarmites and drives them through an intense and often suicidal battle of survival. Swarm is the first game to feature mass character control, where players move all the Swarmites at once.  Steer the flock of pudgy, clueless little blue morons through the game and they naturally flock and flow around obstacles.  Creatively combine swarm moves to work your way through a relentlessly dangerous and hilariously brutal environment. Compete against friends to get the high score by deftly moving through the world and cleverly solving puzzles the game throws your way.

Swarm begins shipping tomorrow March 22 on PSN and launches Wednesday on Xbox 360. Until then, here is a fun video on sensitivity training (Swarmite style!) to whet your appetite before the big launch. Enjoy!

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