Lights Off

Forza 4 Internal Video


Leaked today is an internal video for Forza Motorsport 4 set to a cut version of White Zombie’s “More Human Than Human”. Though similar to the EA one we saw a few weeks ago, shows off just Forza 4 in all it’s glory touting all it’s new features. So don’t let me hold you back…



  • Delivering the best looking game of 2011
  • Image-based lighting, place the car in the environment
  • Revolutionary car experience with Kinect
  • Car diversity across 80 manufacturers – more than any other racing game before it
  • New career mode travels the world
  • Kinect-powered head-tracking
  • “Hollywood style audio and visual effects”
  • Introducing Car Clubs; collect, modify, and share cars
  • 16-player races, 2x that of FM3

This seems amazing so far. Sorry for the low-res trailer, trying to see if there’s an HD one out there. We will update accordingly once we do. What do you think of this? Will it live up to these promises this fall??

UPDATE: The video we mirrored on YouTube got pulled from Microsoft. That is a good sign this was real. Continue to enjoy the video here until otherwise noted.