Lights Off

Excuse us, we’re playing Mortal Kombat

Sorry for the lack of content folks, but I’m going to be honest here: Mortal Kombat is out and that’s what we’re playing and what our time is devoted to. We are all (coincidentally) huge fans and all have it on Xbox 360. Depending if we can get together at the same time, we might make a “SavingContent” lobby to fight in or do some King of the Hill.

Proof that we are hooked on Mortal Kombat instead of writing about stuff:

– Me

– Ed Acosta

– DR Ward

– Abdul Ahmad

– Bill Rastello [PENDING]

– Landon VanBuskirk

– Brian Scott [UNKNOWN]

As far as content goes, I hope to have my review for Anomaly Warzone Earth (PC) out tomorrow for something to actually read. Look for SOMEONE to write a review of Mortal Kombat and there to be a review of Portal 2 from SOMEONE as well.