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Aug 10, 2011

QUASI-REVIEW: 1000 Heroz

The idea of 1000 Heroz intrigued me right off the bat – new content every day for the next 1000 days? Sounds tough to beat! When the offer to review 1000 Heroz hit my inbox, I couldn’t resist but start playing it. What I found was a simple, yet fun game, that kept me starting it up daily to see what new hero was awaiting.

Editor’s Note: It’s tough to write a full review of a game that will have new content every day for 1000 days after its release, so this will be a quasi-review of the content that is available so far (through day 64).

1000 Heroz gameplay is fairly simple – you have a hero, named something comical like Boink or Hmm Hmm. Each has their own little biography, often times which builds off of a previous character. Each character you have has a relic you can earn, which you get by completing the level in a certain time frame. Each character also has their own unique level, which could be full of anything from simple, soft hills to swinging platforms and huge cliffs to navigate vertically. The goal? Complete the level and get the gold star. Easy, right?

Nope. These levels are surprisingly challenging, which is where a huge chunk of the replayability lies. You can spend hours figuring the most optimal way to navigate a level. The Heroz have somewhat abnormal physics due to their large heads, so you have to take into account all sorts of factors when determining how fast you need to run at that hill ahead of you so you can fit through the gap downwards perfectly. It creates an interesting challenge that you wouldn’t necessarily expect.

All the time that you’re sitting there optimizing your path through the level, your score is being uploaded to the leaderboards, which introduces yet even more replayability, if you’re in to leaderboard challenges. Some people have posted scores significantly faster than the gold, making you want to keep optimizing more and more.

Suddenly, after you think you’ve finally finished the level, the next day comes, and you have a whole new hero to navigate with, new level to beat, and new relic to unlock. The replayability ends up being endless.

This game will not be for everyone – if speed runs do not sound like your cup of tea, and you don’t see any fun in trying to get relics or beat leaderboards, this game will not entertain you. However, if that does sound like fun, then this game will be absolutely great casual entertainment. I recommend this game.

An iOS code for the game was provided by RedLynx for Review purposes