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New BloodRayne: Betrayal screenshots to sink your teeth into

It’s almost time for the release of BloodRayne: Betrayal – next Tuesday, September 6 for PSN (a PLAY title) and next Wednesday, September 7 for XBLA. This BloodRayne game is a 2D action platformer and looks pretty good and should be refreshing for the series.

Here’s a fresh batch of screenshots before next week’s release:


0 responses to “New BloodRayne: Betrayal screenshots to sink your teeth into”

  1. Domenic Papaleo says:

    First off let me just say I might be one of the biggest BloodRyane fans ever! I loved this game the second I played the first installment! After 2 I was just in love with the games and could wait till the third installment! I was so excited when I heard they were finally doing a third installment. I have waited so long and anxiously for it to finally drop and when it did my heart was shattered in the first 30sec. of playing Betrayal! Man they were not kidding with that name were they. Was this all just some big joke from the start?! I have to say that yes this game is beautifully done and I love the throwback to the old school slide screen or climbing games. But BloodRyane was never Chastlevania and thats not what I want to play; I want to play BloodRayne! I will be beating this game but not with the same excitement I had playing the last two BloodRayne games. I’m actually gonna beat it just cause I have to. Any other game like this would have been tossed in the garbage immediately.  Yes, as we all know the movies and comics suck horribly! I don’t know why they keep green lighting these horrible adaptations! But they keep making them and they keep getting worse. So much now it has affected the once great game itself. But be fair get all that stigma of the movies etc. out of the way and check out the first two BloodRayen games. They were done extremely well and the game play was phenomenal for the times they dropped. Not only were they bloody and gory as hell with the option to make it worse. Rayne herself was one of if not the best the sexiest and all around most well done characters ever conceived of in the whole 40 year old world of video gaming. Forget Lara Croft, Aya Brea or any of the Mortal Kombat girls Rayne had skills style and the Hotness over any character so far. Now that being said the new Blood Rayne looks like a watered down kiddiefied anime mess of what the original blockbuster once was!! BloodRayne 3 is like the fisher price versions for little kids compared to the greatness that was the first two BloodRayen games. Please someone fix this desperate tragedy and bring Rayne back to her beautiful glory!!! Please somebody tell me this was a bad joke just to hold us lovers of the game at bay for a while because they are still finishing the real BloodRayne 3!! I mean seriously this just sucks. Who thought this would be a good idea? Why would you take such a well done game and change it horribly? Not to mention you leave us all off on a cliff hanger ending in BloodRayne 2 to come back to a story that has nothing to do with the last game! We need closer on the story; we need a better or should I say the old Ryane back! Are we all supposed to just be alright with this?!?! Am I the only one pissed here? LONG LIVE BLODRAYNE 1 and 2!!!!

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