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Grease Coming Xbox Kinect and Playstation Move

Hey you bunch of greasers, if you are a fan of the movie Grease or just a fan of John Travolta, then get ready to sing and dance to Grease the video game! You are going to be able to sing to your favorite songs such as: ”Grease Ligthning” and ”Summer Nights”. If you are like most people, you don’t sing very well, but don’t fear you can dance to all the songs in the game. So you can choose to either sing like Justin Bieber during puberty or dance like some hip-hop rapper. The choice is yours! Either way you will still look like a fool in front of all your family and friends. You can pick up the game come October 25th in North America and November 4th worldwide. The game is rated T for teen.


Here is a list of some of the features that Grease has to offer:

  • SING!: The game features 15 song compositions from the original film and 5 bonus classic rock ‘n’ roll tracks.
  • DANCE!: Hours of fun with rock ‘n’ roll routines from the movie, including duet choreography and freestyle sections where players can express their individuality and dance for increased points.
  • GAMEPLAY MODES: Game includes Dance Mode and Karaoke Mode with both featuring versus and co-operative play.
  • COOPERATIVE GAMEPLAY: Up to eight-players can compete in Party Mode — two teams of four players consisting of 2 dancers and 2 singers at any one time.