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Fruit Ninja Kinect Giveaway: We Have a Winner


Congratulations to M. Ryan Langley on winning the game. Your name was randomly selected and now you will be able to avenge your grandfather’s death in the great fruit war of 1923. Your code has been emailed to you with the address that you provided.

Would you like to be able to win a copy of Fruit Ninja  Kinect ? Well, here is your chance!

Savingcontent.com will be giving away a digital content code for the game on Monday, September 19th. For your chance to win, all you need to do is post a comment on why you want to play Fruit Ninja Kinect. To be fair to all people who apply please only post a comment if you own a Kinect. All applications will accepted until 10pm Eastern Standard Time on Sunday the 18th.

0 responses to “Fruit Ninja Kinect Giveaway: We Have a Winner”

  1. John Hill says:

    Love this game…would be fun to swing my arms at it 

  2. eugaet says:

    I played the original Fruit Ninja on a family member’s iPad, but don’t own my own iPad. And the Facebook version isn’t that great. I’d love to have a version for the Kinect!
    Thanks for the contest!

  3. Ryan Langley says:

    I want to play Fruit Ninja Kinect to acquire the training that I need to master produce and avenge my grandfather’s death in the Great Fruit War of 1923.

    Without the knowledge and skills I can develop with Fruit Ninja Kinect, I might never reach my goal and will bring great dishonor to my family’s name.

  4. NEO-METATRON says:

    Because I need extensive training to get to the delicious contents of my favorite fruit the Durian. It takes the skill and discipline of a Fruit Ninja to fight off that awful stench and avoiding the spikes that protect the precious vitamin treasure inside, especially since I don’t own Mario’s gloves from Super Mario Sunshine. He didn’t seem to have a problem carrying those around and you know if a Durian is good for Yoshi, it’s definitely good for you!

  5. Loved the trial sad it was soo short only got to play it once since i let the kids get the last 2 turns so this would be nice.. thanks for the chance 

  6. I love playing this game on my phone and it would be the first family game that everybody could play in my house and it would be alot of fun to see everybody here play something together

  7. Grant L says:

    I’d like it because I don’t have any kinect games and would love one.

  8. Zed Mort says:

    Thanks for the giveaway!

    I love the iOS game that my reason…

    I hope to win! :)

  9. Richard Perkins says:

    I was posting here before it was cool 

  10. lilaznc says:

    I want to play Fruit Ninja Kinect because all I have his Dance Central…and I don’t want to move too much.

  11. connor olin says:

    i want to play because i am in need of a new kinect game

  12. Ray J says:

    I want to play FNK so I can slice and dice my way to the top score also there’s something exciting about seeing fruits spilling their guts 

  13. Paul K says:

    cuz I have a kinect and it looks like a great party game!

  14. Paul K says:

    woops double post sorry.

  15. John W says:

    Hey there – 
    I want to play Fruit Ninja because my sons keep asking about it – they loved the demo.
    dinolover@hotmail.com if we’re the lucky ones.

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