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Dawn of Fantasy Now Available for Pre-Order

Dawn Of Fantasy Logo

Dawn of Fantasy, coming from 505 Games – is launching globally for PC next Friday, September 30. Those who pre-order before launch will receive a bonus 70 influence points, which is the in-game currency and can be used to speed up production in the MMORTS mode or in the in-game market in exchange for rare dragon and dwarf mercenaries and DLC content.

You can preorder here:, and Dawn of Fantasy retails for the low price of $29.99. 

Currently in open beta, Dawn of Fantasy is a persistent online real-time strategy game set in the robust land of Mythador, where players much choose from one of three distinct races as they vie for power and control. Each race has its own unique story arcs and history with the other two, making for a different story and gameplay features for each unique race. Build your villages into empires, cast powerfully devastating magic against your foes and utilize fantastical allies like ogres and dragon mercenaries to lay siege to your opponents and reign supreme in Mythador!