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How to Play – Michael Phelps: Push The Limit

Coming later this fall is Michael Phelps: Push the Limit. I can’t say this appeals to me in any fashion, but this has to appeal to someone, right? It certainly isn’t the people in this video.



It seems that “Push the Limit” is a game mechanic and could prove useful for getting extra points and possibly the lead if it’s close enough.

For the first time ever, Michael Phelps: Push the Limit brings the fun, fitness and excitement of head-to-head swimming to your Kinect. With innovative, motion-controlled gameplay technology, you can turn your living room into a king-sized pool – big enough for the whole family or a bunch of friends! Splash into casual fun match-ups against friends and family, or dive deeper and immerse yourself in the world of competitive swimming in Career Mode, and climb through the ranks for a chance to take on one of the world’s greatest athletes: Michael Phelps, himself.