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Hard Reset gets FREE Survival Mode and other enhancements

Flying Wild Hog’s debut shooter turned a lot of heads when it was released in September, thanks to its fast-paced, destructive action, unconventional weaponry and incredible visuals. We have wrote a (delayed) review on it. Flying Wild Hog is kicking the heart-pounding gameplay up a notch with the introduction of Survival Mode in the 1.2 patch, which is available today. Survival Mode unleashes wave after wave of robotic hell upon the player, who has make good use of weapon upgrades to delay the inevitable as long as possible. The new game mode is available in all of the game’s difficulty modes, and brings with it two new maps, as well as leaderboards to compare scores with friends.

In addition to Survival Mode, the 1.2 patch adds full NVIDIA 3D Vision and Surround support, as well as support for multiple displays. A number of other gameplay tweaks and fixes are also introduced in the patch, with Flying Wild Hog busily working on future content and gameplay updates.

Full Patch Notes on Steam Forums: