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Nitronic Rush / Stealth Bastard are FREE PC games worth a download

Every now and again, I come across some free PC games that deserve your attention. Of the these that I’ve played, both titles are free to play, free to enjoy. And both are quite fun and accessible. So give them a try and let us know what you think.

Nitronic Rush

I didn’t know about this until Ars Technica’s Ben Kuchera wrote about it. So I’ll try not to say what’s already been said. Imagine a game where Rush 2049 + Trackmania in the world of Tron came to 2011 with gamepad support and in-game achievements. It’s a fully realized game with a short, but satisfying story mode that teaches you how to play and tests your reflexes.

After the story is complete, you have an Arcade section in which you can compete in harder versions of the story levels against ghosts. Or play a Stunt mode in which you try to achieve the highest score. There are online and local leaderboards to track times and compete. The game is gorgeous and runs great. I recommend you use a gamepad, but keyboard controls work just fine as well.

To download the game, go here:


Stealth Bastard

When it comes to stealth, Splinter Cell comes to mind. It plays nothing like it, but it’s a faster version of Metal Gear Solid and Splinter Cell except without the shooting. It’s all about avoiding detection and doing proper platforming in the fastest way possible.

Each level has similar objectives: avoid shadows, hack terminals, escape unseen and unharmed. Should you be harmed, you will die a vicious death. From there the level restarts for you to figure out the best method to win in the fastest time. Again, you are compared against the world in leaderboards.

To download the game, go here: (latest)