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GOG.com offers Empire Earth: Gold Edition free

To start off their holiday promotion GOG.com is giving anyone who comes to GOG.com and adds Empire Earth: Gold Edition to their carts a free copy of the game. Be sure to come by and pick it up before 10.59 GMT on the 14th of December, though, to get it for free.

Also, GOG.com is having their incredible holiday sale now. With virtually the entire catalog 50% off, some of the best classic games ever made for PC are now available for under $5.00 from now until the 2nd of January, 2012.

Do keep in mind that Activision games are only on sale until the 26th of December, so be sure to pick them up early. Further, The Witcher 2 will be 40% off during this holiday sale, but theWitcher: Enhanced Edition is 50% off. Finally, there are a few games that are not in our holiday sale: in particular, Codemasters and Piranha Bytes games are not included this year.

Games from every genre are on sale on GOG.com right now, so take a look and see what suits you.

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