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Sliced Bread from Sliced Bread Games out now on iOS

Sliced Bread Games, an independent game design and publishing company located in San Francisco, CA, has announced its delectable arrival by whipping up its first social / mobile title: Sliced Bread. The two pastry experts behind Sliced Bread Games have over 12 years of combined experience in the video game industry, working at such companies as Electronic Arts, 2K Games, NAMCO BANDAI Games, and IGN. 

In Sliced Bread Games’ first title, Sliced Bread, bakers will slice up a variety of pastry and dough delights – everything from bagels to cookies and waffles to challah bread can be sliced with a swipe of the finger! Every slice gives players points for their score, with multiple slices giving combos and additional points! 

Sliced Bread is available for $0.99 for the iPhone and iPod Touch while Sliced Bread HD is available for $1.99 for the iPad. 


Sliced Bread has two game modes – Extreme Baking and Pastry School.   In Extreme Baking mode, players have 90 seconds to slice as much bread as they can before time runs out!   In Pastry School apprentice bakers need to slice as much bread as they can without slicing any of the evil Angry Fruit or breaking eggs – otherwise, it’s game over!  Players will earn points during gameplay that can be converted into dough to purchase new slicers, bonus breads, hilarious powerups, and kitchen upgrades in the item store. 

Sliced Bread is a culinary mobile game masterpiece leaving players hungry for more each time they play,” stated the Chief Baking Officer.  “We are using the intuitive screen swipe design combined with our own unique humor and art to create a sincere and scrumptious game.  We believe our games will be the greatest thing since, well, sliced bread.” 

Sliced Bread is a tasty treat for the whole family. From kids to moms to hungry dads, this delicious diversion has all the ingredients for a game anyone can enjoy in snack-sized bites!

About Sliced Bread Games

Sliced Bread Games is focused on creating fun and quirky games for the mobile, tablet and social networking spaces.  Sliced Bread Games was formed to bring together our love of baking and our passion for making games.  Sprinkle a dash of mobile gaming, mix in a dollop of social gaming, bake, and repeat.  Sliced Bread Games is serving up the recipe for fun.  Now taking orders!,