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Mar 27, 2012 Expands Library and Goes Indie, Starts Preorders for Legend of Grimrock

big square logo, the DRM-free digital distributor of PC games for download, is getting “Bigger, Fresher, and Newer” today, ushering in a number of updates to both the brand of and the service as well. is no longer only classic PC titles; starting today the distributor will be actively releasing newer titles into its catalog of 400+ games of all ages. The distributor has now signed a variety of indie game developers as partners of, and they’re launching with Trine, The Whispered World, and preorders for Legend of Grimock today as examples of the the kind of quality games that’s users can expect to see in the near future. is getting bigger all the time. Having surpassed 7.5 million games downloaded, the service is clearly growing quickly, and as they get bigger, they can provide gamers with more and more of the best PC games ever made.

Today, the DRM-free distributor is adding a three indie games to their catalog–and has many more signed: they have already signed 20+ newer classics from big publishers and indie developers. In addition to the games released today, is placing DarwiniaSpacechem, and Machinarium: Collector’s Edition in the “coming soon” section and will be available on the site shortly. gets newer with the addition of games from many indie developers. Today they’re accepting preorders of Legend of Grimrock, bringing another day-one launch to They’re also adding newer indie classics Trine and The Whispered World to the catalog. Fans of will notice that both Legend of Grimrock and The Whispered world are priced above’s usual $9.99 highest price point; as part of bringing newer games to market, has needed to update their pricing, but they will always charge flat, fair prices everywhere in the world for DRM-free games that come bundled with many extra free goodies.

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Legend of Grimrock is a love letter to classic first-person dungeon exploration games like Wizardry, Eye of the Beholder, Dungeon Master, or the Bard’s Tale series. The game takes the old-school feel of crawling through venomous vaults, death-dealing chambers, and mortiferous corridors and gives the supposedly-abandoned genre a completely new life with modern execution: amazing graphics, unique rune-based spell-casting system, mind-boggling puzzles, and thousands of monster-filled grids separating the company of four brave heroes and the passage leading out of the murderous Grimrock Mountain. is the only digital distributor who is launching preorders of Legend of Grimrock, and it’s available now for $11.99–20% off the full retail price of $14.99–bundled with wallpapers, avatars, concept art, and more goodies. Legend of Grimrock will be available to play on April 11th, 2012.

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Trine is a critically-acclaimed physics-based indie platformer set in medieval-fantasy world. The player controls and switches between three different characters–a Thief, a Knight, and a Wizard–bound together by the power of mystical artifact called the Trine. Fluid game mechanics, first-class audiovisual presentation, some great platformer-puzzles, and a beautiful dreamlike world rightfully earned Trine great reviews and gamers’ praise. Trine lands on the catalog today for just $9.99.

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The Whispered World is a charming adventure game set in a mystical place, entertaining and poignant at the same time. You play as Young Sadwick, living in a beautiful but perilous fantasy world with his brother, grandpa, and pet sidekick Spot. Together Sadwick’s family roams these mystical lands with their circus. Sadwick would like nothing more than to set out and explore the world, but his family is holding him back. One night a strange blue creature appears to him in his dreams, abruptly changing his life. Nominated for 6 awards at the German Game Developers’s conference in 2009, this game won “Best German Game of the Year” and Best Story. The affecting story and gorgeous visuals have earned The Whispered World wide acclaim, and this game is available on for just $14.99, bundled in with all the latest patches, music, wallpapers, and more.

In addition to releasing newer games this week–and in the future– has gotten ‘fresher’ with a number of new website features along with the revamped look of the homepage. The list is too long to go into in a press release, but many long-desired updates have made their way onto A new revamped Community Wishlist now allows users to suggest, vote, and discuss games and site features they’d love to see on The My Account page now has a built-in search feature, new organization options for the games library, and the website is no longer the only way to deliver notifications to gamers. The new optional downloader is up to 8 times faster than downloading through the browser; it integrates support for downloading game patches, goodies, and notifications of patches, forum replies, or PMs. More updates are intended for the downloader in the future, but it will always remain optional.

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