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Astro Gaming brings their A-game with A30 and A40 Headsets

All has been relatively quiet on the ASTRO Gaming front, but that’s about to change.  We’ll be demoing a BRAND NEW cutting-edge ASTRO Gaming headset at E3 this year; ASTRO will be making a major retail partnership announcement soon; And, of course, their headsets and gaming gear still pwn!

Today we have a few new trailers for the ASTRO A40 and ASTRO A30 pro-gaming headsets.  While the headsets have already been released, they are no less brilliant today than they were then (actually the A40s are in fact more brilliant as they were significantly improved just last year) but the fact remains that they are the best gaming headsets on the market.  Why you ask?  Well, in ASTRO’s own words:

“Ever wondered what separates ASTRO gear from everything else out there? Why do the A40s and A30s stand above other gaming headsets? Watch the premiere of the A40 Headset and A30 Headset trailers and find out. These video pieces were painstakingly built from the original A40 and A30 CAD files to give you a glimpse of the complexity that goes into anything with the ASTRO name.”

Official ASTRO A40 Headset Trailer


Official ASTRO A30 Headset Trailer


What do you think? Are you convinced to get a gaming headset now?