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Gas Guzzlers: Combat Carnage Released

You think LeMans is tough? Try racing with some maniac drilling you with a gatling gun. You think Monaco has a tight course? Try squeezing through traffic where everyone around you can explode at any minute. Other racing games might test how much you can nerd out over a turning radius. Now play one that tests how much you know about staying alive.

Strap on your safety belt and charge your turbodrive, because the other guys on this track have murder on their minds. But that’s the name of the game in “Gas Guzzlers: Combat Carnage”.

“Gas Guzzlers: Combat Carnage” is a new PC game from Gamepires, available today from EA Origin, GameflyImpulse and Cenega for 31.99 $/ 23.99 €/ 19.99 £. It is a game that hearkens back to classic combat racing gameplay, built with an entirely original engine. Race along over 150 miles of scenic roadway as you compete for honor, prizes and survival.

Check out the release trailer to see what you are missing:


With dozens of vehicles, weapons and powerups, you’ll have a thrilling time racing against the world’s deadliest drivers. Start with cheapest car/weapon car combo you can afford and spend your winnings wisely as you upgrade your ride into the king of the speedway, outfitting it with deadly rockets or cannons.

Plus things to that make it go fast, of course. This is a race, after all.

“Gas Guzzlers” is the first game to come out of the independent team at Gamepires, and is representative of their commitment to strong engineering, robust software development and solid game design. The guys have assembled all the experience and knowledge learned through developing games like “Serious Sam” or “Space Force: Rogue Universe” with Greg Hill from “Need for Speed” working on sound.