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Jun 08, 2012

E3 2012: Divinity: Original Sin

LOGO Divinity OriginalSin1

The return of Larian’s Divinity game to the turn-based RPG. Environments are interactive and the focus is on elemental energy.

When you call in a rain storm you get damaged in WET and are susceptible to electricity attacks that do double damage. Oil barrels are in the environement (quite dangerous if I may say so), and so casting a fireball has explosive results to put the advantage on your side. As the enemies could use that same barrel against you if you’re not quick enough. It looks and plays great and supports up to 4 player drop in and out co-op. They said the matchmaking should be done via Steam.

Lastly they showed the Editor to create locations, quests, dialogue to share with friends. So it is entirely possible to create your own game or expansion if you so desire.