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The Divinity of the New Gameplay Trailer for Dragon Commander explains what it is

Larian Studios has been keeping relatively quiet about Divinity: Dragon Commander for the past few months, but that’s all about to change, starting with a brand new gameplay trailer that answers the simple question: “What is a Dragon Commander?”


Just as the team embarks on a global media tour to give press their first hands-on opportunities, the new trailer gives gamers a glimpse into Larian’s upcoming PC strategy title set in the Divinity universe, showing off all the hard work that has gone into further polishing the game in recent months. The team has focused not only on fine-tuning the deep tactical and strategic options in this dragons-with-jetpacks experience, but also on enhancing the game engine to make one of the best-looking strategy games around.

The trailer release also coincides with the launch of the new official website,, where you can learn all about the game and dive deep into the world of Divinity.