Jun 09, 2012

E3 2012: XCOM: Enemy Unknown


What we saw was a Xbox 360 demo by the developers, Firaxis of the tutorial area of the game.

The game is very cinematic before and after turns are placed, as it is a turn-based game the animations that play out are very fun to watch. Chrysallines are very tough enemies that can take out members of your squad easily. Sectopods can turn them against you via mind control. When you actually start playing, Sid Meier is one if the commander characters you can play, and he can mind control the enemy and make him do various tasks, or in our case – drop his own grenade at his feet. Strategy is crucial to winning, you have to outsmart the enemy every time and being able to take the time to do so gives you the advantage. It looks fantastic on console and does not appear to suffer from any control issues on a game pad.

Vigils Confido (I am vigilant, I am Confident) that Firaxis has made a great turn-based strategy game and fans of old XCOM will be very happy with what they’ve done.