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Pendulo Studios doing something new with Day One via GamesPlanet Lab

On July 10th, 2012, Pendulo studio announced a project to raise money from adventure game fans and gorgeous 2D graphics lovers to help launch a new crowdfunding experience on Gamesplanet Lab ( ).

The game project is called Day One, a sarcastic comedy adventure with a thrilling plot – funny and adult at the same time. Your support of this project will allow Pendulo to remain independent and continue to be innovative in the adventure genre.

Adventure gamers have come to appreciate the high production values that have made Pendulo a recognized leader in the genre, with colorful characters, great cinematics, wonderful atmosphere and music. Not to mention the artfully crafted puzzles and intricate stories that make adventure games so special. If you like this sort of thing, we encourage you to participate in this new creation!


This time, Pendulo is offering more than just a game: you have the opportunity to see how Day One is made from the inside with access to polls, exclusive news and assets, a developer’s diary, early access to beta versions… and even more!

The project is now open and we now have a bit more than a month left to make Day One a reality. More than 650 backers have joined us today and double that number are following us.

We really need you all to make this dream comes true: pledge any amount you can and look forward to getting the game in advance, as well as qualifying for some physical rewards. Even spreading the word, would be a great help, so please come visit us on and get involved!