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The Political Machine 2012 – “Chik-Fil-Et” DLC and First Patch Notes


Because The Political Machine 2012 has always been a game that accurately reflects the election season as a whole, and because Stardock is awesome, Stardock announced today they’ve added “Chik-Fil-Et” DLC (and more) to the first patch of the game. TPM 2012 now includes the fight over which chicken sandwich you should eat if you want to be president of the United States of America. 


Additionally, here’s the full patch list for the game and more information about The Political Machine 2012 can be found here:

  • Added new issues to reflect current political climate
    • Added “Chick-fil-et” as a new issue
    • Added “Provide Tax Returns” as a new issue
    • Added “Gov. Builds Business” as a new issue
  • Decreased importance of “Military Strike on Iran” and “High Gas Prices” to reflect current political climate
  • Updated electoral votes for states that had census changes
  • Fixed issue where custom candidates couldn’t be selected in multiplayer
  • Fixed memory leak that could lead to poor performance in very long games
  • Fixed stability issues when a second game is started after a game has already been played
  • Fixed multiplayer victory achievement
  • Fixed a bug with a custom female body option referencing the wrong model
  • Fixes for various rare stability issues
  • Fixed multiplayer sync issue where the turn would sometimes not advance