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AVerMedia and SplitmediaLabs work together for Live Streaming Gamers

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AVerMedia Technologies, Inc., the preeminent name in digital multimedia technology, announces a licensing deal with SplitmediaLabs, the leader in live streaming applications and the developer of XSplit Broadcaster. Under the agreement, a 3 month premium license of XSplit Broadcaster will be bundled to AVerMedia’s latest game capture product, the Live Gamer HD. This hardware encoding HD capture card will also be fully integrated with the upcoming release of XSplit Broadcaster 1.1 to assure a flawless user experience.

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AVerMedia and SplitmediaLabs have been working closely on the integration for months, sharing the same vision that every gamer being a streamer with easy but powerful tool kits. The Live Gamer HD is no doubt the hottest product AVerMedia launched this year; its hardware encoding capabilities and HDMI/DVI pass-thru function allow gamers to play while recording HD 1080p footages in background without draining the CPU. As Xsplit Broadcaster integrates the Live Gamer HD, video streamers can now either use the premium video quality from the device or enjoy the benefit of the hardware encoder without technical hassles. The bundled license is a 3 month premium plan that provides full function of XSplit Broadcaster, the right of using it commercially is included.

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Besides Live Gamer HD, Game Broadcaster HD, another star product of AVerMedia, will also be integrated with XSplit Broadcaster 1.1. AVerMedia and SplitmediaLabs definitely show their commitment in delivering a better experience of sharing live gameplay over the internet, gamers and streamers as well can expect to benefit from the collaboration between these two industry leaders.