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Tryst – Meet the Zali faction

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Blue Giant Interactive is a studio based in Hyderabad, India and they are getting set to release a new real time strategy game set in an original science fiction universe.

“Tryst” is the story of man versus machine, as human colonists on a distant planet battle their former allies, the Zali.


The Zali are mechanical life forms that arrive on Ishtonia, the planet where Tryst’s “Unwanted Legacies” campaign takes place. Though they look like mechanical insectiods, the Zali are not simply mindless machines but are, in fact, highly evolved beings with a very strict code of ethics.

Playing the Zali means that you will need to rely heavily on the game’s Ethos or Paths mechanic. With three Paths to choose from, each corresponding to a different gameplay style, the Zali can develop in almost any manner they choose.

The Path of Silence emphasizes stealth and mobility upgrades for units, while the Path of Strife considers going on the attack the wisest course of action.

The Path of Preservation is designed for players that prefer to to ‘turtle’ – weather the storm and lie patient, while waiting for their time to strike.

Once they’ve chosen what Path(s) to follow, Zali units can merge with each other to become even more powerful units or even morph into defensive structures to protect the home base. Their mechanic nature makes them very adaptable.

Despite the wealth of options and playstyles available, the Zali are an excellent race for beginners because there are few paths entirely closed off to explore. It takes little time to understand but continue to surprise players at every turn.

Zali Attributes:

  • Discipline & Dedication – Choose to focus on a single Ethos path or disperse your available abilities out across multiple disciplines.
  • We are One – Merge different Zali units together to create more powerful machines of war.
  • No Right Path – Whether you choose to adhere to different Temples or commit completely to one; the abilities and units you choose to use will ensure that there’s never just one way to play the Zali.
  • Never Back Down – Just because your enemy got the drop on you once, doesn’t mean they can do it again. Specialized units and even more specific upgrades, ensure you have an answer for just about anything. The Zali are a race of counterunits waiting to be evolved.