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Sep 21, 2012

Tiny Troopers gets an Update, Proves Developers Listen To Their Fans


Publisher Iceberg Interactive, in cooperation with developer Kukouri Mobile Entertainment, today announced a free content update is now available for the Steam version of Tiny Troopers, available on Windows PC and Mac.

“We’re tuning in to what is going on in the Tiny Troopers community, which, to our surprise, was really keen on getting WASD controls as an option, so we have added this feature,” said Kukouri CEO Kim Soares.  “We will keep on adding stuff to the game meanwhile, with additional DLC coming next month!”

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Update notes from Kukouri:

  • Added WASD control option
  • Some missions are more balanced
  • Decreased mine damage
  • Increased trooper movement speed
  • Fixed crash bug

Gamers can buy Tiny Troopers on Steam now ( In addition to the Steam version, Iceberg Interactive also released a retail version of the game August 24, 2012 in Western-European retail and on other digital download portals. Updates for these versions will be announced soon.