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Colour Bind is Now Available – A Unique Physics-Puzzler

I know “unique”, “physics”, and “puzzler” have been used many times by other games. But this game fits the bill. I have a Preview of it here. I will have a full-fledged review soon.

Imagine a world where Newton’s Laws of Gravity are connected to Picasso’s Laws of Colour. In Finn Morgan’s devilish spin on the traditional physics-platform genre, the colour of objects is tied to the push and pull of gravity. You must manipluate switches and break through obstacles in ways that will make you question whether what goes up must, indeed, come down.

“Colour Bind” is now available on Steam and through Amazon for $9.99.

As an added bonus for puzzle players, Puppy Punch Productions is also announcing a contest with real trophies – not just Steam badges.

  • Be the first to complete all the game levels! Beat the secret levels in record time! Design a level and have it judged by “Colour Bind” designer, Finn Morgan, himself! And more!
  • Details are available at