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Take a Look at the Forza Horizon Press Review Copy

On Thursday I received my Press Review Copy of Forza Horizon, which isn’t released until the 23rd of October. So I thought I’d share what was inside. I’ll have my review of the game by the end of next week.

It came in a large box containing:

  • Reviewer’s Guide (embargo notice, playdate times, and general information)
  • Enhanced manual
  • Forza Horizon-branded sunglasses with soft-case
  • Forza Horizon-branded earbuds
  • A wristband USB drive
  • The Game (obviously)

Additionally, this can be viewed on my Minus gallery.

0 responses to “Take a Look at the Forza Horizon Press Review Copy”

  1. Harrison says:

    For a second I thought the earbud box was a box for cologne. Now that’d be great promotional material.

  2. Hitomajiri says:

    Looks great! Too bad regular buyers don’t even get a single sheet of paper with control instructions (not that those are actually useful, but at least it doesn’t feel so cheap), nor a PDF manual. Wish I were a reviewer, too. Hats off to you!

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