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Retro City Rampage Gets a Big Update, Out Now

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Retro City Rampage launched last month and the reception’s been amazing. It was the #1 PS Vita game for October and holds a 9.5+ customer score based on well over 1,000 ratings over the three platforms. We even gave the game a 4/5.

Still, with the high praise there was room for improvement. Striving to make the best possible game, I have spent the past month making it even better based on the feedback from you, the players. The updates are now available on all current platforms: PC (Worldwide), PS3 and PS Vita (North America).

The still to be released platforms (XBLA, WiiWare and EU PS3/Vita) will include all of these updates day one. There is no release date yet for the remaining SKUs, but all versions are complete and either well into certification or starting shortly. As the remaining SKUs were not yet out the door at the time of launch, I made the decision to take this as an opportunity to ensure that at minimum, those still waiting for the game would get a better experience from the get-go. The update includes faster cars, tips screens, shop icons on the map, additional tutorials, checkpoints, level balancing and more. Some missions have even been completely overhauled for the better.

Patch Notes:


  • Added Tips Screens

o displayed if the player fails missions repeatedly

  • Shop location icons

o shop icons added to the full size pause menu map


o drink coffee to play the game at 2X speed for 30 seconds (makes Biffman tailing mission quicker)

  • Faster Cars

o cars now have much faster top speeds making it quicker to get around town

  • Persistent Cars

o Most recent car no longer disappears when starting a mission or restarting from some checkpoints

  • Convenience Cars

o Fast cars conveniently spawn on missions where you must travel longer distances, some with nitro
Overhauled Missions

  • Sweat Bomber platforming levels completely overhauled

o jumping/moving no longer requires acceleration, allowing players to jump distances from a standing position
o wider platforms, taller triggers
o increased visibility of soul boosters
o clearer perspective
o rhythm game-style tutorial bar now displays buttons to press on first level after repeated failures
o can be skipped after three deaths (but the player won’t earn the playable character or challenge

  • Side missions – added depth

o increased the challenge on the Trailer Park and Milky’s missions (they now require more strategy to beat)

  • Tap ‘dat AS5 stage overhauled

o faster to beat but more skill required (must also dodge projectiles)
Tutorials & Balancing

  • Stomp and Dodge Tutorials Added

o emphasizing the importance of stomping and jumping in the game (which are required to beat certain missions)
o trains the player how to avoid police cars trying to run them down

  • Many story missions significantly improved

o more checkpoints, health pick ups and faster parked vehicles to speed up travel
o Including but not limited to: Holy Secret Identification, Guilty Conscience, Drunk Trialing, Streets of Urban Bouncing, Pawn That Noob’s TV, Loose Change Laundry Caper, Super Stomp Shenanigans, Sweat Time, Tap ‘dat AS5

  • Castle boss now easier

o shields dropped which render you immune from wreaking ball attacks
o more walls/floor added reducing chance of falling into gears

  • Prison stomp now easier

o split into two parts with a checkpoint in the middle

  • French Translation Updated
  • Police Siren Adjusted
  • Misc Bug Fixes & Other Tweaks