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How to Save Money when Buying Games during the Steam Autumn Sale

The Steam sales are big, and have many options. There are Flash Deals (expiring every few hours), Daily Deals (the best deals), and regular Deals (never buy until last day). But there’s a very simple methodology when it comes to buying during any of the Steam sales that you should know. You should pass it on to your friends and anyone you know who uses Steam so you can save yourself money this holiday season and overall.

Guide to Buying Games on Steam during Autumn Sale:

  1. If there’s a game you want that’s on sale, but is not a Daily Deal – DO NOT buy it.
  2. Wait to see if the game becomes a Daily Deal because it could end up being cheaper than its current discount.2a. Flash Deals may have a greater discount and could still show up as a Daily Deal.
  3. If your game doesn’t show up as a Flash or Daily Deal, then buy the game the last day of the sale.

Follow that guideline for any and all Steam sales and you should make off with more games than you can feasibly play!

From now until November 26th is Steam’s Autumn Sale: