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Steam Summer Sale 2014 has begun


The Steam Sale is here. It is best you understand the rules of making purchases on Steam during this time:

  1. If there’s a game you want that’s on sale, but is not a Daily Deal – DO NOT buy it.
  2. Wait to see if the game becomes a Daily Deal because it could end up being cheaper than its current discount.
    2a. Flash Deals may have a greater discount and could still show up as a Daily Deal.
  3. If your game doesn’t show up as a Flash or Daily Deal, then buy the game the last day of the sale.


The annual Steam Summer Sale is on, and this year marks the introduction of the Steam Summer Adventure.

Offered for free, the Summer Adventure offers the chance to earn in-game items, community rewards, and even free games by collecting Summer Adventure Trading Cards.

Meanwhile the Sale, which runs for the next 10 days, offers massive savings on more than 3,000 games and software products from the Steam catalog.

New information on both the Adventure and the Sale will be revealed throughout the event via the following pages:

Hide yo wallets!