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Arctic Combat is about to enter Open Beta

World War III is heating up, and it’s up to gamers everywhere to determine the winners and losers in this scorching conflict. WEBZEN Inc. (, a global leader in next generation free-to-play games, has fully defrosted Arctic Combat, its first free-to-play skill-based shooter. Open beta starts on December 6 on both WEBZEN’s Global Service Portal ( and Steam for Arctic Combat which pits the U.S.-led Allied Forces against the Russian-backed Star Alliance in a dispute over natural resources that starts in the arctic territory and spills over into battlefields across the globe. Pick a side, pick your weapons, and pick your skills – you’ll need every advantage to stay alive in this fast-paced, thrilling shooter!

To celebrate the game’s release on Steam, WEBZEN will be offering two item packs offered exclusively through Steam: the Steam Starter Pack and the Steam Ultimate Pack, both of which include a range of weapons and items. This will be WEBZEN’s second game on the platform, following the successful launch of its action-based fantasy MMORPG Continent of the Ninth Seal in September.

“With its strong competitive component and community features, Arctic Combat is a fantastic fit for the Steam community,” said Jihun Lee, head of global publishing. “We’re pleased to open up the game for NA/EU players, and we look forward to delivering news about a series of eSports tournaments featuring Arctic Combat.”

To download and prepare for Arctic Combat right now, head to WEBZEN’s Global Service Portal ( Players can also download and access the game using Steam’s portal ( Throughout the open beta, WEBZEN will be hosting numerous events to help players earn in-game items, W Coins, extra experience, and more. Additional information about AC and other WEBZEN games can also be found at the official WEBZEN website (

With realistic weapons, vibrant visuals, a detailed skills system and a multitude of gameplay modes, Arctic Combat is set to deliver one of the top shooter experiences this year and beyond. From the intricate character movements and intense gore effects to the highly customizable skills and gear, Arctic Combat has enough depth to satisfy the competitive gamer, while still being accessible to a casual player looking for some quick action. The game also features a refined A.I. system for players to sharpen their skills in bot-based battles and to earn additional rewards through various missions.