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Akaneiro: Demon Hunters reveals Bleeding Grove

Once a thriving fruit orchard and farming community, Bleeding Grove was hardest hit when the Demon Wolves were loosed upon Yomi Island. Now the dead lay strewn among the neglected orchard rows, rotting alongside their abandoned harvest. Beyond the orchard lies a cave, once the den of a local wolf pack. It is unknown how they exactly succumbed to demonic corruption or what befell the great Alpha wolf – Moroko. Perhaps the den holds some evidence of what truly occurred, and who is responsible.

What’s Coming Up For Akaneiro’s Beta

Advanced Character Training
The next major update will include a slew of new ability levels to train in – adding more varied and powerful versions of those already available. Poison coating for your caltrops? A “shocking” upgrade for your Steady Shot? Options galore, as long as you’ve got the Karma. In addition, you’ll soon be able train in Weapon and Armor Mastery, adding passive benefits when using specific weapon and armor types.

Weapon Improvements
To further differentiate our weapons, we’ll be adding area damage based on weapon type. This means a weapons will hit multiple enemies depending on the range they provide – you’ll be able to sweep aside enemy groups with your Great Maul!

Shivering Pines
An unnatural winter has fallen over this isolated corner of Yomi Forest. Each day the deathly cold spreads further, freezing lakes and farmland. The Red Hunters must venture through the veil of frost and biting wind, find the origin of this curse and destroy those behind it.

Still in development, Shivering Pines will bring a completely new environment style to the game – along with a new tribe of imps who wield frost magic.