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Edge of Space brings new features and wants to be Steam Greenlit


Happy New Year, ArkCoNauts! Come celebrate 2013 with Edge of Space, the 2D sandbox title that recruits players to join spacefaring organization ArkCo, and journey onto an intrepid adventure to the cusp of the galaxy. Edge of Space is changing rapidly with each new patch, introducing new features that challenge and inspire players to creatively terraform a planet. Even Terrerria developer Andrew Spinks is talking about it! Read up on all of these new updates for Edge of Space below:

  • Power Supply – A car won’t run if it doesn’t have any gas, and the same applies to the tools and items of Edge of Space. Via a simple drag-and-drop system, ArkCoNauts will need to run electrical cables from generators to power their creations, everything from light sources to factories. It’s a simple system with a vast array of uses, and players will be rewarded for clever design and creativity as they build and power their extra planetary base.
  • Crafting – As players explore the planets of Edge of Space, they will mine and collect minerals and other resources. Thanks to Edge of Space’s flexible crafting system, players will transform minerals into various usable resources to create weapons, armor, generators, storage, decorations, and more. Of course, they’ll need the collectable schematics – blueprints that facilitate the creation of these varied items. These are found on enemies and through exploration, and function as a reward for dedicated play.
  • Armor – While all ArkCoNauts are granted standard issue space armor, sartorially-inclined players will be quick to deck their character out with distinct armor that helps their ArkCoNaut stand out from the rest of the pack. Perfect for multiplayer sessions, armor can be created or earned, and will soon provide gameplay assistance through stat boosts.

These new features have rapidly changed the way players can explore and transform the planets they discover. Edge of Space is an open-world, dynamically-generated sandbox game set in an area of deep space where humans have never wanted or were ever meant to travel. The entire game was built from the ground-up with multiplayer in mind, and the reactive environments ensure that all activities (crafting, building, setting traps, healing, etc.) are fast-paced and intense.

Edge of Space can be purchased at Desura and RainDGEdge of Space has been submitted to Valve’s Steam Greenlight Project ( ), enabling members of the Steam community to vote for games that they’d like to see available on the service. For more information on Steam Greenlight, please visit For more information on Edge of Space, visit the game’s official Website: